a psychological thriller

written by

Jean Maye


directed by

Andrea Catinella

Logline: An artist seeking a fresh start is plunged into a haunting mystery when she inherits an old cottage from her estranged aunt, only to discover the home’s ghostly inhabitant and sinister secrets that threaten to unravel her reality.

Synopsis: “Shadows End” unfolds in the serene yet somber backdrop of Emoclew, a hamlet overshadowed by the enigmatic Emoclew Cottage. When Rachel Perry, a city-dwelling aspiring artist grappling with her recent job loss, inherits this very cottage from an aunt she barely remembers, her life takes a sharp turn into the depths of the unknown. The cottage, an heirloom of her fragmented childhood, soon proves to be anything but a sanctuary as Rachel encounters unexplainable phenomena—phantom thuds, ghostly whispers, and a child’s cries that echo through the halls.

As Rachel’s new home reveals its sinister nature, she is haunted by visions of a spectral child, driving her to the brink of madness. Her quest for answers leads her through the murky waters of her own past and into the heart of Emoclew’s tight-knit but inscrutable community. Among its peculiar inhabitants are the seemingly affable Harry Pritchard, whose familiarity breeds disquiet; Mrs. Kirby, an elderly lady holding fragments of Rachel’s familial legacy within her dementia-clouded memories; and the reclusive Bill Tinker, whose standoffishness hides more than it reveals.

As Rachel tugs at the threads of her suppressed memories, the veil over Emoclew’s dark history begins to lift, bringing to light revelations that threaten her very existence. Caught in a web of her aunt’s concealed past and the restless spirit haunting the cottage, Rachel must confront the chilling truths buried in the heart of the hamlet. To survive and reclaim her sanity, she must exorcise the demons of both the present and the long-forgotten past, challenging the shadows that lurk within Emoclew Cottage and her own soul. “Shadows End” is a chilling narrative of inheritance, both material and spectral, where the echoes of yesteryears bear dire consequences for the living.

Jean Maye – Writer/Producer

Jean Maye, an acclaimed international screenwriter and producer, founded Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd in 2016. Her premiere short film, ‘Finding Hope,’ garnered the Los Angeles Film Awards and earned the support of the UK’s Child Bereavement Trust. With a Master’s in Creative Writing from Kingston University, she honed her craft in screenwriting, backed by industry giants like Linda Seger and Syd Field. Seger, who consulted on Maye’s ‘SHADOWS END,’ also commended her scriptwriting prowess. Actively contributing to film academia and competitions, Maye is also a seasoned judge.

Currently, Maye’s creative endeavors include developing multiple projects like ‘SHADOWS END,’ ‘LAYLA,’ ‘SANDSTONE,’ and an autobiographical novel for film adaptation. Her literary talents extend to composing lyrics and penning international bestsellers for children, young adults, and families, spanning both fiction and non-fiction genres. Explore her work at www.jeanmayeauthor.com

Steve McCarten – Producer

Repped by Berlin Associates, Steve has worked as an actor for over 18 years working on stage, TV and Feature Film projects. Winning Best Producer and his debut film winning several awards including Best Thriller and long listed for IFTA.

Now also a published author with his debut mythology series Legends of Ancient Irish Folklore.

With over 15 years experience working as a 1st Assistant Director, Production Manager and Line Producer across feature film and HETV, Steve brings a wealth of production knowledge.

Currently working on the development of several projects including writing and producing, DEATH STATE, THE ORCHARD and his own projects TWO WEE LADS, AIRMID, 4 YORKSHIREMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE and A THOUSAND DAYS TO DIE.

Andrea Catinella – Director

Andrea, a graduate of Raindance has directed various short films that went into various film festivals and won many awards internationally.

In 2023, Andrea directed his first feature film, the horror Island of the Dolls 2, currently on Amazon Prime and distributed worldwide by ITN Studios US. Since then Andrea has directed two other feature films that will be distributed 2024.

This year sees him also booked to direct two more

feature films by two different production companies and one episode of an Asian TV Series.

At the beginning of 2024, Andrea has also become an Associate member of Directors UK.

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Why Invest in “Shadows End”?

  • Unique Storytelling: “Shadows End” offers a compelling narrative that blends drama, suspense, and profound character development.
  • Experienced Team: Our team consists of award-winning filmmakers and industry veterans dedicated to delivering high-quality production.
  • Market Potential: With a well-researched market strategy, “Shadows End” is poised for success in both domestic and international markets.

Investor Benefits

  • Profit Participation: Earn a share of the film’s profits from box office sales, streaming platforms, and home entertainment.
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy behind-the-scenes access, set visits, and the opportunity to meet the cast and crew.
  • Recognition: Receive special thanks in the film credits and promotional materials.

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“Shadows End” is an extraordinary feature film ready to make its mark on the global stage. We are actively seeking partnerships with experienced sales agents and distributors to ensure our film reaches a wide and diverse audience.

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  • High Production Value: Our commitment to excellence ensures that “Shadows End” meets the highest standards of filmmaking.
  • Broad Audience Appeal: With its universal themes and engaging plot, the film has the potential to attract a broad spectrum of viewers.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan: Our extensive marketing strategy includes digital campaigns, festival circuits, and international promotions.

Sales Agent Benefits

  • Market Exclusivity: Secure exclusive rights to represent “Shadows End” in specific territories.
  • Support Materials: Receive a full suite of marketing materials, including trailers, posters, and press kits.
  • Collaborative Approach: Work closely with our team to maximize the film’s market potential.

Distributor Benefits

  • Territory Rights: Obtain distribution rights for specific regions with potential for lucrative returns.
  • Marketing Collaboration: Partner with our marketing team to develop tailored campaigns for your territory.
  • Early Access: Get early access to the film and promotional content for strategic planning.

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